April 23, 2014


someone sent me a message that said “check this sunday’s secrets, the last one reminded me of you”

so I did and the secret and message both really touched me

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April 23, 2014
"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

— Gautama Buddha (via observando)

April 22, 2014

Got you shackled in my embrace.


Got you shackled in my embrace.

April 22, 2014
"You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn’t see them as disasters in your soul but cracks to put their love into is the most calming thing in this world."

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April 21, 2014
"She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth."

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April 21, 2014
"I walk around the school hallways and look at the people. I look at the teachers and wonder why they’re here. If they like their jobs. Or us. And I wonder how smart they were when they were fifteen. Not in a mean way. In a curious way. It’s like looking at all the students and wondering who’s had their heart broken that day, and how they are able to cope with having three quizzes and a book report due on top of that. Or wondering who did the heart breaking. And wondering why."

— Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (via observando)

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April 21, 2014

Searing bones and third degree burns that scar.
Splinters in the worst possible place.
Long lasting bruises with stories.
Associating love with a vital organ, so that when it’s gone, I am reminded every time my heart beats that I am alone.

you taste unforgettable.
you taste like pain.


Amanda Helm, taste (via amandaspoetry)

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April 21, 2014
"How can I be reasonable? To me our love was everything and you were my whole life. It is not very pleasant to realise that to you it was only an episode."

— W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil (via a-thousand-words)

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April 21, 2014
"How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay."

— Khalil Gibran (via aestheticintrovert)

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April 21, 2014
"A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a loopy one like ours. Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart. He taught me to appreciate the simple things-a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a shaft of winter sunlight. And as he grew old and achy, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Mostly, he taught me about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty."

— John Grogan (via observando)

April 21, 2014

I woke up to the smell of my heart breaking,
scrambled eggs, burnt toast, and complacency.
I did not feel your lips on my forehead this morning.
did you stop loving me over night?

I know we had a fight and you screamed,
“you don’t even know me anymore,”
and I threw our picture in the trash can,
“how could I know you when you never
let me in?”
but this was a lover’s quarrel, right?

you said I would need to be patient.
you said I would need to keep the door open,
unless you were the one to close it
and I swear I didn’t know saying I loved you
would change anything.
I didn’t know losing my cool in the heat of the moment meant losing you, too.

you did not clean the kitchen this morning,
but you left a note that said “goodbye”
are you sure you didn’t take me with you?

I feel lost.


Amanda Helm, I feel lost (via amandaspoetry)


April 21, 2014

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April 21, 2014


you were too soft for me 
to hold you how you needed 
my hands are worn from years of misuse 
and i’m sorry 

we wept outside in the cold 
and realized our love had frozen a long ago 
and i wasn’t sure what to say to you 
except that you were the only home i’ve known 

and i hope that you’re doing okay.

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April 21, 2014

"Sometimes I think I’ve felt everything I’m ever gonna feel, and from here on out I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt."
Her (2013)

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April 21, 2014
"And if you call me at 4 am, too sad to even say hello, I will listen to your silence until you fall asleep. If you need to cry I will not wipe your tears away because you are only human and sometimes tears are as close to laughter as you can get and that’s okay. If you get sleepy I will let you drool on my arm and I won’t laugh at you if you snore too loud. If you need to yell so hard that your voice cracks and your knees fail I will hold you up and yell with you. If you get so angry you punch your hands red I will ice your knuckles and tell you that wounds heal both inside and out, and just like the cold that is harsh and burning, I will always be the warmth to soothe you and make you feel better. I will love you."

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